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    Bank of Commerce, New York City, 1975

                   Photo Exhibit:

   Patrick Pagnano, Initial Exposures

   November 7, 2008 - Januray 30, 2009

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Patrick Pagnano, a photographer and artist, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1947 and spent the first five years of his life living with his paternal grandparents, parents and two siblings in the Italian neighborhood on Taylor Street.  This close-knit south side neighborhood exposed him to a life rich in tradition and ceremony, and a camera used liberally by his family to record the many moments of their everyday lives.  For Patrick, the resulting images impressed upon him the influential nature and value of the camera in helping to make sense of an era.

Attending college as a business major, Patrick was exposed by a classmate to Columbia College in Chicago, an alternative school that focused on communication arts. “Being completely bored and uninspired in business school, I quickly decided to enroll and immediately realized I had found my niche. I studied photography, film, drawing and American literature. Photography completely fascinated me and opened a world of possibilities for creative expression,” says Patrick.  “I bought my first camera, a reflex, from one of my buddies who had recently returned from Vietnam and I began shooting.  This was the early 70’s and change was in the air.  As with my earlier experience on Taylor Street, I found that photography could help me with the transformation of the era and help make sense of this period in my life.”

The resulting images from this period form the basis of the show “Initial Exposures” which runs from November 7 – January 30, 2009.  The pictures by Pagnano form a tight narrative of what was going on around him and within him as he struggled to make sense of the tumultuous times.  Rather than a focus on style, as many street photographers do, Pagnano’s images have a true street photojournalistic nature, each photograph being a complete work in itself.  Pagnano surveys his subjects with a heightened sense of the ordinary, yet affords the viewer the opportunity upon close inspection, to create their own point of view of where we were at the time and where we have come since.  One is left with the impression that after all the years that have transpired since these photographs were taken, we have truly come full circle.