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   Photo Exhibit: "Echos From The Street"


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Orville Robertson



 Harmon Tyko Lewis


Patrick Pagnano


       Renato D'agostin


It is doubtful there exists one agreed-upon definition of “street photography.”  Perhaps the great French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson,
considered to be the father of modern photojournalism, said it best:

In photography, creation is a quick business — an instant, a gush, a response — putting the camera up to the eye's line of fire, snatching with
that economical little box whatever it was that surprised you, catching it in midair, without tricks, without letting it get away. You make a painting

at the same time that you take a photo.

Great street photographers make great art. Their images whisper to you and implore you to take a longer look before you glance away.

For our first exhibit, we are proud to feature the work of four street photographers whose work “whispers” to us.  And while each photographer
has his own style and method of capturing an image, what they share is their passion for capturing life as it happens, or in the words of
Cartier-Bresson, “in midair, without tricks, without letting it get away.”  

We hope that you enjoy this exhibit and that one or more of these images “whisper” to you.

Jack Domeischel          Anita Chernewski